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The Inca Trail Peru 2017

22 June - 1 July (extension - 4 July 2017) |
Location: Peru

Distance: Trek (45 Km)

Grading: 4 ?

Registration opening: Sold out!

Registration fee: £380

Minimum sponsorship: £600

Discover the lost City of the Incas...

Join Walk the Walk on one of the world’s most famous Walks, trek through the Inca Trail and travel through 45km of the most stunning panoramic vista landscapes that you will ever experience! The trail will lead you to the Gate of the Sun and onto Machu Picchu; the lost City of the Incas, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

This is the adventure of a lifetime, full of South American culture and one not to be missed. This is an incredibly popular challenge!

We have received so much interest for this challenge that we are looking into potentially organising a second trip on a different date for 2017. If you are interested, please add your details to our waiting list and we will be in touch.


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The people, the culture, the places, the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, the Amazon! Absolutely a Wow!- Sue

Embrace the Peruvian adventure

The challenge will begin with you landing in the intriguing and vibrant city of Cusco; which was the centre of the Incan Empire. Before heading off on the Inca Trail, you will be able to join in the spectacular festival of Inti Raymi; the largest festival in South America, held during the winter solstice in the Southern hemisphere. A wonderful celebration of the sun – with  colourful parades and vibrant, traditional dress. You will then spend 4 days on the high altitude trail, walking through challenging terrain and sleeping in the stunning wilderness, under canvas; where the sky is so clear, you can almost touch the stars!

Is this the challenge for me?

The Inca Trail Peru, whilst not a Power Walk, is a trekking challenge and will require endurance at altitude. The trail is of challenging terrain, with a number of very early mornings and long days, in order to cover the distance required. The climb up to the Gate of the Sun into Machu Picchu are difficult and “bottoms up” is a popular term in this section! This is a demanding event and is a Footprint Level 4 which will need a certain level of training, plus you’ll be camping for the 3 nights on the Inca Trail, which comes with its own fun experiences. On this challenge you need to embrace every aspect: the trekking, the culture, the history, the long days, the campsite escapades, the panoramic views and the team bonding. 

Journey through the Jungle!

You have the option to extend your challenge with our 3 days Amazon rainforest adventure! Flying down to the gateway to the Amazon, and the stunning jungle region of Puerto Maldonado - home to an abundant array of wildlife...

Amazing! Missing my Incan adventure. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to do this.- Debbie

Tag on the Amazon adventure

You will spend your days along the Amazon River, staying in a jungle retreat and within the 200-hectare Tambopata National Reserve - where you will enjoy treks, walks and farm visits; searching for caiman and other jungle wildlife. You will enjoy stunning boat trips and walks, climb a canopy tower where you'll be rewarded with views stretching above the jungle trees. Spot butterflies, parrots, parakeets, peccary and so much more! One of the most magnificent parts of this adventure is the jungle style retreat and your home for the next few days. This is the real Amazon! Are you thinking, "wow this sounds like it’s for me!" Read our itinerary here.  

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